Software Asset Management


Due to the speed of change within the IT industry, most organisations struggle to stay on top of their deployed software estate. With virtualisation now mainstream and on the to-do list of most IT Directors, the challenge to keep in the know is now more complex than ever before.

We have been providing software discovery solutions for nearly ten years so have a wealth of experience to help you understand your current desktop, server and data-centre deployments. We can make use of any investments you have already made in auditing & discovery tools or provide you with a fully managed solution – saving you valuable time and resources.

By understanding your deployed software estate, you will be able to:

  • Optimise your licensing budget – saving you money
  • Compatibility-test planned IT upgrades – protecting your investments
  • More easily decide on your standardised environment – easing expansion
  • Identify your systems security vulnerabilities – protecting your organisation
  • Introduce business & environmental efficiencies – improving your ratings